Guide to deal with Black Friday shopping chaos

Black Friday is truly insane and craziest day of the year!!! The situation in black Friday always gets so much miserable and worse than rioting in streets. Black Friday deals are so ridiculously good and tempting that it will make you want to crash the doors of the shop to get them.  Honestly, people go six feet under in just saving cash on electronics and will even slap you in the face to crash the store’s doors to get in for a hard-to-resist black Friday deal. From getting up early to bed, bearing cold weather, be in the long queues and facing intense crowd in parking lot , is it all really worth it or not? No its not.

Rather than jumping into the black Friday clash, make yourself calm. This year catch on some de-stress approach and follow some DO’s and DONT’S to enjoy great deals of black Friday 2017 without any hassle.


  • Make sure you know the store opening time whichever store you want to shop like target opens at 6 pm; Best Buy also opens at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving with best black Friday sales on electronics. To avoid storm, you can visit your favorite store’s website to check out the timings and how many door buster events and deals would be staggered at different times that suits you the best.
  • Look for some less crowded stores or from smaller retailers and try to shop from those stores which give away their shoppers with three or four free gifts like Samsung initiated “Holiday Helpers” program in 2013 to make shopping stress free. Also some online stores offer black Friday specials like spending $250 or more would get you 20% discount.
  • Don’t follow custom instead think about some thoughtful gifts you can send to your family; like going to dinner or doing something fun as a group, as this holiday should really be about being with friends and family.
  • Weigh up your shopping urge with your necessity accordingly to your wallet.
  • Doing your research on black Friday is very important. See what certain stores are offering. Some stores even offer gift cards of 100 bucks. Definitely some stores and malls have more than one entry door so check out for more than one door where everyone is waiting at.


  • Don’t shop alone in this intense shopping extravaganza. Team up with your spouse or your friend to not to lose any of the best black Friday deals.
  • Don’t be such a black Friday sales freak that you don’t even get time to sleep properly or munching on breakfast and just running after the doors of the store attempting to break it prior its official opening time in order to avail the sweet deal.

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